This Chart Shows The Incredible Financial Power Of The English Premier League

The European summer transfer window — the three-month period where the world’s top clubs are allowed to buy and sell players — ended on Monday.

Teams in the English Premier League were the biggest spenders. The 20 EPL teams spent $US980 million on players, and only took back $US358 million — resulting in a net $US622 million expenditure on transfer fees.

That spending spree translated into transfer surpluses for both Spain’s La Liga, which made $US145 million on transfers during the window, and Italy’s Serie A, which made $US16 million.

While the German and French leagues also spent more than they took in during the window, they weren’t even close to the EPL in terms of spending.

The Premier League can afford to splash this sort of cash from a series of new television deals that are expected to generate ~$8.5 billion in revenue over the next three years, according to the AP.

They’re putting that money to use:

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