English football clubs smashed all records in the most costly transfer window ever

Paul Pogba

The 20 English top flight football clubs went on a £1.17 billion ($A2.07 billion) player spending spree, breaking all previous records for the summer transfer window.

Premier League clubs spent more than £155 million on players on the last day of the window on Wednesday, breaking 2013’s record of £140 million.

Thirteen clubs broke their own transfer spending records, and the average outlay for new players per club reached £60 million.

The financial stakes in football have never been higher.

A record £5.1 billion deal with Sky and BT to secure the television broadcasting rights for matches has fuelled the spending. Each club in the top league got a minimum of £100 million each.

“As has been the case for a number of years now, the increases in broadcast revenue, with the 2016-17 season being the first of the new broadcast deal cycle, is the principal driver of this spending power,” Dan Jones, a partner at Deloitte, is quoted as saying in a BBC News report.

Here is the chart from Deloitte comparing this year’s spending to previous years:


Paul Pogba’s £89 million transfer to Manchester United from Juventus broke records for most amount spent on a single player. John Stones moved to Manchester City from Everton in a £47.5 million deal, which made him the most expensive defender in Premier League history.

Just those two transfers alone amounted to more than half the total spent on all players when the window first came in being in 2003. Clubs spent £215 million that year, around a fifth of this year’s budget.

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