England's Carbon Reduction Strategy Revealed

wind turbine built tbi

Solar stocks tank when world’s largest solar cell maker, Q-Cells says it will have a loss in Q2. [Barron’s]

Here’s a cheat sheet with the 8 biggest algae oil deals. [Earth2Tech]

Another analyst predicts boom times for US solar industry. [Greentech Media]

Indian car company, Reva, is building world’s largest electric car factory. [FT]

GE shows off its smart home, zero energy strategy. [Greentech Media]

The thorny issue of getting developing nations to reduce CO2. [Green Inc.]

Oil prices rise for the first time in four days. [Bloomberg]

Kia launches a hybrid electric model that runs on liquified petroleum gas. [Bloomberg]

South Korea will pour $84 million into green projects which should boost its GDP by 4%. [Bloomberg]

Don’t give up intellecual property rights for the good of ‘green’. [WSJ]

Reuters just realised that cash for clunkers isn’t a long term solution. [Reuters]

England’s low-carbon strategy is unveiled. [New Energy Focus]

Scientists say that a steep rise in temperature 55 million years ago can’t be attributed solely to CO2. [Reuters]

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