ENGINEERS: Want To Find The Next NYC Startup To Work For? Here's How

Manhattan New York Skyline

A common theme in the New York startup scene is that there aren’t enough engineers to fill all the available jobs. 

A new service launching today called InsideStartups hopes to solve that problem by creating a network of NYC-based engineers who may not be actively looking for a new gig, but would be interested to see what’s out there.

Every week InsideStartups will send out an email to its subscriber list with five available jobs at a New York startup. The first email goes out today and includes jobs from OMGPOP, Meetup, GetGlue, Adaptly, and Yieldbot.

Check out today’s posting here.

Since the email only includes five startups each week, job postings are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. InsideStartups says its first list filled up in just eight hours. If your startup is hiring, you can email your posting to [email protected].

So far, InsideStartups says they have over 1,000 people signed up to receive the weekly email. They review each member’s LinkedIn profile to make sure he or she is qualified for an engineering job. If InsideStartups get bad feedback from an employer about a candidate, that person will be removed from future mailings.

For now InsideStartups will only only cover NYC jobs. If you’d like to receive the mailings, you can sign up here.

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