This Study Shows That Engineers Care More About Money Than Bankers

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The long, gruelling hours that bankers put into work are rewarded with hefty incomes, so it makes sense to associate higher salary with the meaning of success. But now a new study published by CareerBuilder said that engineers actually care more about money than those who work in finance. 

Out of the nearly 6,000 people surveyed, 48 per cent of people in IT said that they need to make six figures in order to feel successful. This number was 38 per cent for those in sales and 37 per cent for those in finance. 

But not everyone thinks that that a bigger paycheck equates to success. In fact, the study revealed that 75 per cent of those surveyed said that they don’t need to earn six figures in order to feel this way. 

“I think people will be surprised by the number of workers who don’t feel six figures equals success,” said Rosemary Haefner, VP of human resources at CareerBuilder.

This could be because younger employees are placing more emphasis on work benefits instead of salary.

Those who reported that they would feel successful earning less than $50,000 were workers in retail (36 per cent), hospitality (33 per cent) and manufacturing (22 per cent).

Furthermore, men (32 per cent) were twice as likely as women (17 per cent) to place a higher price on success.

The study was conducted by Harris Interactive.

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