"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH": Engadget Editor Strikes Back At Arrington As AOL's Civil War Escalates

josh topolsky

Photo: Johsua Topolsky

Engadget’s leader Joshua Topolsky isn’t taking attacks from his AOL colleague Michael Arrington lying down.Sick of Arrington’s unsubstantiated insults, Topolsky decided to answer him head on in our comments.

The main thrust of his response: You can’t just make things up and attack us for no apparent reason.

Mike. Enough is enough.

You need to explain this comment and the source of your hatred for our brand and people. You need to tell me how we have been “trolling you.” Explain what we’ve done to you. Explain anything that you’ve said beyond a personal vendetta. I haven’t heard a shred of substance behind your attacks — only the vitriol of a man-child who can’t control himself. “Immensely unethical”? Explain it.

You don’t just get to say whatever you want to whomever you want. That may fly in your bubble, but I live in the real world.

If you can’t explain yourself (caveat: your claims have to be based in reality), then stop talking.

My team works their collective arse off, and they deserve better than your baseless attacks and name calling. Grow up.

Joshua Topolsky Editor-in-chief, Engadget

Wondering what on earth is going on here?  We don’t blame you.  Read the back-story below:

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