The Coming Shortage Of All The World's Most Important Industrial Metals


There’s beena a lot of dicussion lately about so-called peak gold.

But as gold’s fans will tell you gold isn’t a commodity, it’s a form of money. Gold isn’t actually intended to be used in anything.

But what about metals that are meant to be used in industrial purposes.

In an excellent presentation, AndrĂ© Diederen presents an argument that all of the world’s important industrial metals are dwindling, and that despite increasing explortation budgets, our sources of them are becoming rare and more concentrated.

We present, via The Oil Drum, Diederen’s presentation Global Resource Depletion: Metal minerals scarcity and the Elements of Hope.

Now, see the charts — >

Economies are growing exponentially, which is the root cause of resource strain.

The first big one, oil, has already peaked.

On a per-capita basis, energy production is moving sharply lower.

And because the quality of the metals we're mining is going down, energy needs to refine them are soaring.

In general, you're seeing similarities between oil and other materials.

Expenditures are soaring, but discoveries of major mineral deposits is increasingly a think of the past.

For several metals -- the ones on the left side of the chart -- the peak date is coming very soon. Others have more time.

Increasingly our dependance is on Asia, as the US and Europe are finished.

These are all crucial metals, and in each ase we're dependent on exports.

China is our source of everything, and even they're starting to clamp down.

This is a serious problem.

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