Energy Industry Rep Compares The Coal Debate To The Civil War's Bloodiest Battles


Photo: Flickr Frank Kovalchek

Reuters’ Pat Rucker recently took in-depth look at the fight between environmentalists and coal on exporting the fuel to Asia.The most incredible part of the story is actually a quote he nabbed from an industry source comparing the fight to our country’s deadliest and traumatizing battles (h/t Ben Walsh):

“Before the Civil War, (battlegrounds) like Antietam and Gettysburg were mostly unheard of,” said Bill Kovacs, a senior energy advisor with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is lending help to the mining sector.

“Now the fight for a sensible energy policy is being fought on the same scale in places like the Port of Morrow and Longview.”

Today, Rucker reported that the government’s program to lease coal mining rights on federal lands is coming under increased scrutiny, with some experts saying it amounts to subsidizing Asia’s economic growth.

The issue will likely hinge on a series of court decisions in the coming months, but that momentum seems to be swinging toward the industry: Ruckers says the Army Corps of Engineers recently said it would conduct only a quick study on the environmental impact of a planned coal port in Oregon.

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