Irish Prime Minister Blasts Vatican Over Child Abuse Report

popeThe pope.

Photo: catholicism

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny gave a speech blasting the Vatican over the allegations raised in the Cloyne report, which exposed the Vatican’s lack of cooperation with authorities over sexual abuse allegations, according to The Journal. Kenny said that, “the rape and torture of children were downplayed in favour of upholding the primacy of the institution, its power, standing and reputation.”

He added that the Vatican’s position on the abuse allegations was “calculated” and is “the polar opposite of the radicalism, the humility and the compassion upon which the Roman Church was founded.”

The Vatican has yet to respond, though the¬†Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said in an interview with RTE that he agreed with some parts of Kenny’s speech.

The Archbishop acknowledged that there were problems that extended all the way to the Vatican and that he is “angry, ashamed and appalled,” at what happened.

The full text of Enda Kenny’s speech can be read here >

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