End Of America 2011 Is BS

You’ve all seen the commercials on FOX News, CNN, or any other 24/7 cable network — End of America 2011. Go to the site now to find out. Etc.

Well, I went to the site. 

And so did at least eight million others, according to the End of America site. Here are some quick thoughts:

1. It’s total BS. America is not “coming to an end” in 2011; this belief is promoted relentlessly by a small minority of wealthy reactionary conservatives who fantasize — I’m not sure why this is their fantasy, but it is — about an alternate universe in which the US economy utterly collapses, and they are the only ones left standing. With their gold and silver hoards, they can take over the world, as everyone else grovels for a few scraps in the bread line.

2. Poorly executed. For a guy who spent that much money on TV spots, you’d think he could hire a decent web designer, no? Terrible landing page. Profoundly annoying video: why have a video in the first place, if it’s just going to slowly present text? What is this, the intro to Star Wars?

3. Condescending, patronizing tone. Actually, this is a plus — I love being talked down to.

4. Lack of actual facts or hard data. First rule of End of America 2011 club is you don’t talk about why America will actually end.

5. Crazy rich people should not be allowed to buy up that much ad space to promote a webpage that looks like it was designed by a Matt Drudge intern in 1996. If End of America’s “brilliant” visionary spent a tenth of that money on actually employing Americans in ways that could add value, instead of running pointless commercials and hoarding a handful of metals, he’d be doing a service to society. Instead, he’s merely crying wolf, and when 2012 rolls around and America is still standing I am going to call this dude out so hard. You should, too.