Encourage Your Staff To Play With Fun Tech: Your Business Will Benefit

When we’re at work, we’re focused on business applications – Microsoft Office, email, Google Apps and maybe a few other tools. However, on the weekends, at night (and let’s be honest – even during work) we use a variety of apps and online services for fun, entertainment and connecting better with friends and family.

You should play with and use these consumer focused technologies and also encourage your staff to use these technologies. The more you use them the more you’ll be comfortable using them and leveraging them for your business.

Many of these consumer technologies start out as free and even with a few quirks in it. However, as they mature and gain traction the companies offering these services add features and encourage businesses to use them.

Foursquare has been a cute tool for people to “check in” their locations. However, Foursquare is now being marketed to businesses for them to use it as a loyalty building tool to create more walk in traffic to their retail stores and even non-retail store locations.

For example, at SXSW 2011 LiveShare was exhibiting Coolris which enables you to share photos with groups of friends, right on their cell phones. With LiveShare you can create streams of Flickr like photo streams and share them with your friends.

This kind of service is great for birthday party photos, but guess what – it’s also a great tool to quickly share photos of your corporate events with clients, customers and staff.

Encourage your staff to use technology, even if they’re having fun and being silly – it will further advance your own business.