Actually, Some New iPad Lines Were Completely Empty!

empty radioshack ipad line

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

While Apple fans scramble over each other to line up for a new iPad at their local Apple store, third-party resellers seem to be nearly devoid of iPad customers.Just walking around NYC today, we passed several authorised iPad resellers including Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T, and RadioShack.

We stopped by a nearby Best Buy around 8 a.m., but the store didn’t open until 10 a.m. There were a few people in line, but we were told we had “better get in line now” if we wanted an iPad.

We visited four different RadioShack locations and they were all completely empty. In fact, we bought our new iPad from one location and it took less than five minutes.

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Verizon Wireless

Another Verizon store

No one outside this RadioShack

This RadioShack in NYC's Union Square was completely empty. We bought our new iPad here.

This AT&T location wasn't due to open for another hour, but there was still no line

One man was waiting outside this AT&T store

A few people were hanging out near the Union Square Best Buy

Some Best Buy employees standing near the tiny line outside the store.

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