With Unemployment Sky-High, Employers Having Significant Trouble Finding Workers Who Are “Punctual”

From the this-is-why-we’re-screwed-file….

We just reported on the ugly Empire Manufacturing Survey, which saw a big collapse in general business conditions, and the outlook for future business.

But there’s something in there that’s even more worrisome.

See, in addition to the normal questions about business conditions, the NY Fed also asked some other questions about the state of business, including what areas companies were having trouble hiring in.

Not surprisingly, there’s still a big shortage of high tech talent out there. Everybody knows that.

But then right after that, a huge number of employers are still saying that they have problems hiring workers who are proficient in “Punctuality/reliability.” In fact, this measure is one where things have actually gotten worse since the last time they did this survey in March 2007.

Unemployment is over 9%, and yet punctuality is still a problem.


[credit provider=”NY Fed”]

You can download the full report here.