55% Of Employees Think Their Managers Are Incompetent

British office

A survey of 2,000 workers across the UK revealed that there is a crisis of confidence in the workplace. Here are some of the findings compiled by the Chartered Management Institute:

  • 55% of employees don’t think their managers have the ability and confidence to effectively do their jobs
  • 74% of employees are making decisions they don’t feel qualified to make
  • 43% are afraid to approach their bosses with their concerns
  • One in 10 blame their boss for their declining health

“It may be that the recession has created a ‘blame culture’ where bosses are scared to make decisions and their charges are scared to ask for help for fear of being seen as incompetent,” says Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the Institute. “Managers need to demonstrate they are secure in their ability to make wise, and sometimes brave, decisions if they are to engage their team and encourage them to succeed.”

Currently there are 4.8 million managers in the UK, and more than 800,000 new jobs will be created in management by 2017.

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