Employees Are Getting Busted Looking For Another Job While At Work

Image: Shutterstock.

Workers are getting caught out hunting for new jobs while working in their current roles, a new survey has found.

Surveying 2,659 workers, job matching network OneShift found 52 per cent of respondents admitted they had taken time out from their work day to job hunt, with one in ten revealing they’d actually been caught out doing so by their bosses.

OneShift CEO Gen George said she was surprised so many workers were looking for new employment during work hours.

“Putting aside the ethical and legal arguments of whether or not its OK to search for a new job while you are supposed to be working for your current employer, the risk of getting caught by a colleague, or even worse, your boss, is fairly high,” she said.

“You’d think getting caught would be a fairly strong disincentive, but apparently not. More than half of the people we asked openly admitted to looking for work on their bosses watch. To me, this suggests job-hunting while at work is becoming common practice.”

George said with job hunting predominately digital it’s much easier to browse openings when and where the worker feels like it.

“People no longer wait until the weekend to scan the employment section of the newspaper, circling jobs of interest with a big red marker,” she said.

“Job hunting is an activity you can now do at your own convenience – and clearly there are plenty of Australians who find it convenient to do so during work hours.”

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