The worst paid trader job in London pays £221,000 a year

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Not all traders are equal.

According to data, having a certain type of job title could command greater earning power through wages and bonuses.

But that’s not to say that the lowest paid trader job earns peanuts — they still earn more in one year than some people do in a decade.

Emolument said it looked at the salary and bonus data for London traders at Director level and found that “dealing with more complex financial products provides the best pay.”

It added that the bonuses also fluctuate with “across every single trading desk, traders receive bonuses that range from 40% (repo traders) to 113% of their annual salary (flow rates traders).”

Traders are rewarded more handsomely if they are dealing with intricate financial products.

However, even the traders that specialise “in products with a relatively low level of complexity, executed mainly via automated trading systems,” still earn an average of £221,000 annually.


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