This crazy emoji keyboard replaces your keys with over 150 emojis

Sure, you can get emoji keyboards for your phone, but what about your Mac?

That’s where the Emoji Keyboard comes in — a new Kickstarter project that wants to replace all the keys on your Mac keyboard with over 150 emojis, according to The Next Web.

Thankfully the Emoji Keyboard isn’t permanent; it’s a silicon cover similar to other keyboard screen protectors that fits over and around your keys, allowing you to easily remove it if you end up having second thoughts.

But it’s not just an emoji-themed keyboard cover; there’s clever software behind it that pairs each individual key to its respective emoji. You can switch between emojis and regular letters and characters by pressing the caps lock key, which allows you to type normally until you want to quickly access an emoji.

The Emoji Keyboard comes in two sizes and is compatible with any MacBook Pro or MacBook Air released in 2010 onward. There’s also a version that works with Apple’s wireless keyboards too. Pledging $US15 will get you your very own Emoji Keyboard and software shipped to you in April, but the Kickstarter will first have to raise $US20,000 in the next 30 days.

You can purchase your own Emoji Keyboard over at Kickstarter.

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