Yes, There Is Such A Thing As An Emoji Art Show

We love emoji.

Teens add them to every single conversation.

Katy Perry translated a whole song into emoji.

Some people can make them into works of art.

Or, at least that’s the assumption of Forced Meme Productions, which will be throwing an emoji art show in December.

On the 12th through the 14th, the New York City Eyebeam Art and Technology Center will host an art and design show completely centered around the “visual vernacular” of everyone’s favourite little pictures. The event will also feature a pop-up shop packed with emoji-related products.

Here’s the show’s official call to artists:

“We’re looking for a diverse array of interpretations and appropriations of the emoji that exist both on and offline. The show welcomes new and existing works from a variety of mediums ranging from net art, to painting and sculpting, video and performance.”

The idea is intriguing, to say the least. We might just have to check it out



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