Here's who's going to win Emmys this weekend

Sunday’s Emmys could just be one of the most exciting years of the awards show.

There’s plenty of questions to ask: Will “Game of Thrones” finally win? Will Jon Hamm never win for “Mad Men”? Will Viola Davis make history as the first black woman to win a lead drama role? And will the year of Amy Schumer end with her winning an Emmy?

Business Insider took a look at the major categories and chose who we think will win and how we think should win.

See our predictions for Sunday’s Emmy wins below:

Outstanding Drama Series

From left, Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen on 'Game of Thrones' and Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson on 'Mad Men.'

Will win: 'Mad Men'
Should win: 'Game of Thrones'

I don't believe The Academy will let 'Mad Men' finish out its run without being rewarded an Emmy. It would be a mark of their failure. At the same time, 'Game of Thrones' is having a strong moment right now.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Jamie Trueblood/AMC
Jon Hamm has been nominated seven times for a lead actor Emmy for 'Mad Men.'

Will win: Jon Hamm
Should win: Jon Hamm

There is no way that The TV Academy could let Mr. Hamm leave an Emmy show once again without rewarding him with the trophy. On the other hand, that's exactly what they have done to him for seven years in a row now.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Viola Davis plays a powerhouse attorney on ABC's 'How to Get Away With Murder.'

Will win: Viola Davis

Should win: Viola Davis
We are all ready to name Viola Davis the best actress on TV right now. In addition to fronting the hottest Shonda Rhimes show on TV, Davis has the film pedigree to give her the right kind of added prestige for the award. And even though 'Empire' star Taraji P. Henson was able to snatch a place in the list, because of her tour de force portrayal of music mafia matriarch Cookie. But in the end, Davis pulled off some dramatic tricks we're not sure Henson even knows.

Outstanding Comedy Series

This is 'Veep's' year to topple 'Modern Family.' 'Transparent' may just need to have a strong second season before its award.

Will win: 'Veep'

Should win: 'Transparent'
What's with the TV academy's five-year love affair with 'Modern Family'? This year, 'Veep' is sure to break their roll. Last season was absolutely their best.
Overall, it's a strong category this year and a show other than 'Modern Family' should be honored. The Academy will probably say 'Transparent' has another season coming. But, that doesn't explain 'Parks and Recreation.' It deserved at least one win over the years and the TV Academy hasn't really seemed too jazzed by Poehler and company. We can (and will) continue to honour their greatness on our own.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Jeffrey Tambor is a man who feels like a woman on Amazon's 'Transparent.'

Will win: Jeffrey Tambor

Should win: Jeffrey Tambor
The show may get a pass from the TV Academy this year, but there's no denying Tambor's performance on 'Transparent.' Fox's 'Last Man on Earth' star Will Forte should get a shout out here, as well. He held together a show for a few crucial episodes of a new series all by himself.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

HBO, Comedy Central
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, left, will take the comedy Emmy, but Amy Schumer is certainly breathing down her neck.

Will win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Should win: Amy Schumer
After last season's entre into the presidency on 'Veep,' it's pretty certain that Julia Louis-Dreyfus will walk away with the Emmy.
But, forces are at work for Amy Schumer. It has been a good year for her (as it was for Melissa McCarthy when she broke through with 'Bridesmaids' and won an Emmy for 'Mike & Molly'). It remains to be seen how strong Schumer's year really is. If not here, she has a better chance of wining in the Variety Sketch Show category.

Outstanding Limited Series

Both 'Olive Kitteridge' and 'American Crime' told complicated stories of American life.

Will win: 'Olive Kitteridge'

Should win: 'American Crime'
With 13 total nominations, 'Olive Kitteridge' certainly bulked up HBO's noms and clearly got the TV Academy's attention.
But... the TV Academy has been pretty dismissive of network series for years and ABC's 'American Crime' from '12 Years a Slave' writer John Ridley was intense and remarkably paced. Not to mention, Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton delivered stellar performances.

Outstanding TV Movie

Queen Latifah plays American blues singer Bessie Smith in HBO's 'Bessie.'

Will win: 'Bessie'
Should win: 'Bessie'

Queen Latifah is a revelation in this biopic of Bessie Smith. Latifah doesn't flinch in the portrayal of this complicated woman who loved hard, loved both sexes, and sang like no one else.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

'The Amazing Race' has only lost the Emmy twice.

Will win: 'Amazing Race'

Should win: 'Amazing Race'
For the first time in a long time, scripted fare is ruling TV. That has forced reality shows to pick up their game. Lots of wonderfully produced shows in this category, including the only two to ever beat 'The Amazing Race': 'The Voice' and 'Top Chef.'
'The Voice' may take it again, but singing competitions seem so dead in the water currently. And for our money, the complications of producing a worldwide race trumps that of any other show on TV right now.

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series

Comedy Central, IFC
'Inside Amy Schumer' is finally getting the attention it deserves, and 'Portlandia' has already won two Emmys.

Will win: 'Inside Amy Schumer'
Should win: 'Portlandia'

Yes, Amy Schumer is the it girl this year. It took the Comedy Central show three seasons for the TV Academy to take notice. That has to be driven by the positive chatter around her movie 'Train Wreck.' Those voters were asking themselves, 'Who's that girl?' and found out she had a smart, out of the box show running for three years already. Oops.

But, what about 'Portlandia'? Now, that show is also quite out of the box and unique. Well, it already has two Emmys so it might be their time to cheer another weirdo on.

Outstanding Variety Talk Series

David Letterman at his desk during the show's last episode.

Will win: 'Late Show With David Letterman'
Should win: 'Late Show With David Letterman'

Late night is now officially for the young folks. It's all about their variety show-like antics, their viral videos, and their highly pleasant interviews. The TV Academy will probably take this chance to thank Letterman for his contribution to the genre before we fully pass the baton to the Millennials.

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