Amy Poehler won’t win an Emmy for ‘Parks and Recreation’

The Television Academy didn’t see fit to give “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler an Emmy for playing the lead on NBC’s “Park and Recreation.”

On Sunday, Poehler was up for the award one last time after the show’s seven-season run. It ultimately went to the very deserving Julia Louis Dreyfus for “Veep.”

Poehler played Leslie Knope with sincerity and hilarity and raked in six lead actress nominations with the role. Leslie was a low level government representative in a small town that either didn’t care at all about what Leslie was doing or cared way too much.

For some reason, “Parks and Recreation” didn’t seem to register with The TV Academy. Including this year, the series had been nominated just twice for Best Comedy during its run.

Meanwhile, Poehler rose to become one of the most respected people in comedy. She currently produces Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” Hulu’s “Difficult People,” and NBC’s recently canceled comedy, “Welcome to Sweden.”

Poehler wasn’t the only star on Sunday night who was looking for their first win for a beloved and long running show. Jon Hamm, for example, was up for the lead actor award after seven nominations without a win.

“The Comeback’s” Lisa Kudrow, “Grace and Frankie’s” Lily Tomlin, “Insider Amy Schumer’s” Amy Schumer, and “Nurse Jackie” star Edie Falco were also nominated for Lead Comedy Actress on Sunday.

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