Macron said the UK needs to clarify 3 issues on Brexit before trade talks can go ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that there are three key areas that the UK needs to clarify on Brexit, BBC News reported.

Macron highlighted EU citizens’ rights, the exit bill and questions around the Irish border as issues that needed to be clarified before trade talks could proceed.

“Before we move forward, we wish to clarify the issue of the regulation of European citizens, the financial terms of the exit and the question of Ireland,” Macron reportedly said.

“If those three points are not clarified, then we cannot move forward on the rest.”

The French president’s comments came the day after a major speech by British Prime Minister Theresa May on Brexit.

The prime minister said in her speech in Florence that a time-limited transition period will last around two years, and she also ruled out membership of the European Economic Area.

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