A 19-year-old allegedly faked a kidnapping in order to blackmail his mother into paying a $130 ransom

Sumter County Sheriffs OfficeEmmanuel Franklin.
  • A 19-year-old from South Carolina allegedly faked his own kidnapping and attempted to blackmail his mum for a $US130 ransom.
  • According to Sumter County police, Emmanuel Franklin’s mum, Velisa Ward, recieved a call claiming that her son would be harmed or killed if she did not pay his kidnappers money.
  • Franklin has since been arrested on charges of extortion and blackmail.

A 19-year-old from South Carolina faked his own kidnapping and attempted to blackmail his mum into paying a ransom, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

On January 22, police responded to a call from Velisa Ward, who believed her son Emmanuel Franklin had faked his own kidnapping, according to a copy of the incident report reviewed by INSIDER.

Ward told police she received a call from Franklin and another unknown person demanding that she pay $US130 or Franklin would be harmed or killed.

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The person on the phone demanded that she deliver the ransom money to a mailbox at a second address: Franklin’s father’s house, per the incident report.

According to CBS-affiliated WLTX, Franklin later told police that he made up the story and fabricated the sitaution to get $US130 from his mother.

Franklin was arrested Thursday oncharges of blackmail and extortion.

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