Emirates Has The Best In-Flight Entertainment System In The World

Emirates Boeing 777-300 ERBoeingEmirates is known for it’s custom in-flight entertainment system, called ICE.

Long flights can get boring, fast.

But if you fly with Emirates, you’ve got access to the world’s best in-flight entertainment system for the entirety of your trip.

In fact, the Dubai-based airline recently received AirlineRatings.com‘s award for Best In-Flight Entertainment for the second year in a row.

So what’s their secret? ICE — but not the freezing kind.

Emirates’ “ICE” system (which stands for Information, Communication, Entertainment) allows passengers to keep up with the news, send emails, and browse over 1,800 channels of movies, games, and television throughout every flight.

The sheer number of features and options is what gives Emirates an edge over other airlines, AirlineRatings.com notes. Not only can customers access the latest movies and music, they can also track the progress of their flight, take in the view from the plane’s external cameras, make calls, and watch live TV.

Here’s the promo video Emirates’ uses to introduce ICE to its passengers:

And see the system for yourself, with this passenger-made video demonstrating all of ICE’s many features:

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