Emirates Flight Attendants Must Stay Hot, In Return Get Great Perks


These flight attendant tales read like something out of the 1960s and ’70s in the U.S. (Hmm, the ladies even have to wear pillbox hats…) The Emirates attendants must be gorgeous, young, perfectly made up (retouched throughout the flight), wear high heels, and accept any phone numbers that men give them. (They don’t have to return the calls, though, or give out their own numbers. Phew!) Oh, and, they must weigh in

And, in return?

WSJ: Young, single crew members are paired with roommates and housed in blocks of luxury-apartment towers across Dubai. The night life is reminiscent of college. Ms. Masillamani recalled a recent party at a room in the 21st Century, on Dubai’s neon-lighted main strip. Female crew members danced in bikinis while young men sprayed champagne.

At night, flight attendants flock to Zinc, a throbbing night club tucked into the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel here. Male attendants, hair gelled in spikes and sporting tight-fitting designer shirts, earrings and leather necklaces, order pitchers of vodka mixes. The manager of the club estimates up to 70% of its revenue comes from Emirates’ crew.

“It’s so much fun, like being on a dreamy vacation. They take care of us here,” said Jane Park, a 24-year-old from Korea, dressed in a tiny black dress and stiletto heels as she greeted her friends and colleagues.

…In the past 12 months, the airline says, it received 93,079 flight-attendant applications. Using photos, interviews, psychological profiling and group sessions with candidates, executives hire just 6% of job seekers. Recruiters hunt for promising hires around the world.