A 30-year-old entrepreneur explains how she turned a weak moment into a driving force behind her 7-figure business

When Emily Williams arrived in London in August of 2010, she was open to possibility.

The only thing she knew was that she wanted to live there — she would figure out the rest later.

“I arrived with four suitcases and a dream,” she remembers. Over the next few years, she completed her masters in nonfiction writing at City University, racking up $30,000 in credit card debt just to live but without a plan for what would come next.

Then, she had a breakthrough: In 2012, a friend sent her the website for renowned entrepreneur and coach Marie Forleo.

“There were coaches around, but I thought they were men in suits with little binders,” Williams says. “Everything clicked. I’d always wanted to help people — that’s why I got into psychology — and I also wanted this laptop lifestyle. I wanted everything I saw Marie had, and I was totally jealous. I started to research coaching more and more, and realised that’s what I was meant to do.”

Four years later, her coaching business, I Heart My Life, has earned seven figures in sales over the last 18 months. She’s worked with over 60 one-on-one clients and helped over 200 people through her group programs. Her husband was able to leave his 9-5 job as a designer to join her company, and there’s a waitlist for their four-month coaching program that costs $20,000.

Today, she doesn’t have to feel jealous.

However, Williams highlights her jealousy of Forleo as a catalyst for her own success. Since then, Williams says she’s learned to reframe any jealousy she feels as inspiration.

“If I’m ever jealous, now I know to look into whatever it is, and research it, and take notice of what someone’s doing,” she says. “That jealousy indicates it’s something I want as well. Take that feeling as inspiration and believe it’s possible for you, too. I always say I’m just a girl from Ohio with really big dreams.”

Inspiration alone isn’t enough — next, you have to take action. “What I did to fast track my success was align myself with people who had what I want,” she says. “I did the coaching certification program and hired Marie — if you’re inspired by someone, figure out how they have done it and get in their corner. Figure out what you can learn from them.”

A spark of jealousy could be a sign you’re on the right path, and an indication of who can lead you there. “For a while, I was playing that business guessing game,” Williams remembers of the days before she took action, “and I realised that was the slow route to everything I wanted.”

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