The best and worst emerging market currencies to buy right now, in one table

If you like to dabble in the exotic world of emerging market currencies, the table below from Deutsche Bank may be of some interest.

Source: Deutsche Bank

It’s the bank’s “Emerging Markets Scorecard”, a ranking system it uses to assess what currencies are likely to rally and fall over both a short- and long-term time horizon.

The metrics captured on the left-hand side of the chart tend to have an impact on currencies over the longer-term, says Deutsche, while those on right use five financial and technical variables that tend to influence currencies over a shorter time frame.

In absolute terms, Deutsche likes the look of the Brazilian real, Turkish lira and Mexican peso. At the other end of the spectrum, it dislikes the prospects for the Thai baht, Korean won and
Romanian leu.

“BRL, TRY, MXN and PEN rank among the best longs in emerging markets, while THB, KRW, PHP and CLP are among the best shorts,” it says.

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