That’s Not A Watermelon, It’s An Emerald—And It’s About To Hit The Auction Block


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The world’s largest cut emerald–the size of a watermelon–is going up for auction on January 28 at Western Star Auctions in British Columbia, eXtravaganzi reports.It weighs 57,500 carats and is valued at $1.15 million.

The gem, named Teodora, was found in Brazil, cut in India, and then sold to Reagan Reaney, a rare gems dealer in Calgary. 

eXtravaganzi reports that three gemologists have examined and confirmed the gem’s authenticity. But another gemologist, Shane McClure, a director for the Gemological Institute of America, told eXtravaganzi that whoever buys the supposed gem should have it re-examined to make sure it is not dyed beryl.

Another gemologist told the Calgary Herald that an emerald he bought from the same dealer that Reagan Reaney used to buy the gem in question was determined to be fake by the Gemological Institute of America.

It is not unlikely that the emerald will earn more than it’s appraised value at auction.

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