Keith Hennessey: Sorry, But Nobody Laid A "Smackdown" On My defence Of Bush's Fiscal Policy

keith hennessey

Bush economic advisor Keith Hennessey (right) set off a storm of criticism with his claim that his president was less profligate than Obama.

Brad DeLong tore into the claim, as did The New Republic‘s Jonathan Chait, who called his response a “smackdown post” and a “beatdown that was nine years in the making.”

But Hennessey, an avid blogger,  defended of his claim. Hennessey’s latest pitch is conciliatory, admitting that he had been ambiguous on some of the numbers. However, he continues to blame Obama for the skyrocketing deficit:

Even if I were to grant Team Obama’s characterization of what they inherited, they have the power to propose solutions.  With enormous supermajorities in the House and Senate and a reconciliation process, they have the power to enact policies to improve the outcome, even if Republicans don’t play ball.  They have so far not done so.  I believe that at some point, failing to even propose policy solutions to a problem you argue you inherited makes the problem yours.  Inaction is a choice which accrues responsibility over time.

Read Hennessey’s full retort — which he admits reads like “two drunks arguing at the bar” — at

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