Meet Embark, The App That's Filling The Giant Hole Left By Apple's Maps

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Apple Map-gate has affected more than a few iPhone users. The removal of Google Maps took away street view and the ever-important public transit directions.Whether you think the criticism is an overreaction or not, the truth is Apple Maps are less useful than they were before, leaving an open opportunity for third party mapping apps to take advantage.

One of those apps is Embark, a popular transit directions app for the iPhone. 

Since the debut of the new Apple Maps, Embark has seen a renewed interest because it’s one of the apps Apple suggests you use to get public transit directions.

What’s so great about Embark? Click here to see screenshots of the app in action >

Embark provides users with interactive transit system maps, directions, train times, delays and diversions, and trip planning.

Yesterday we spoke with Embark’s CEO, David Hodge, who was happy to tell us that the company is seeing great numbers since iOS 6 debuted last week.

So far, there have been 100,000 downloads of Embark, and the app has routed 1 million trips since last Wednesday. Hodge says Embark is now the top transit app in every market it serves.

What is most interesting about Embark the company, is the care that Hodge places into making the best transit experience for users. He is focused on keeping the quality of his apps high and providing very tailored results for the individual cities his apps serve.

Embark places huge attention to detail into its apps. Hodge told us that Embark’s team will analyse things like how fast people walk, what particular transfer times are, and other nuances of a particular city in order to provide users with most accurate timing for their trip.

Embark’s free app is available in Boston, Chicago, London, Long Island, N.Y., New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Embark is planning to expand into other cities in the near future, while continuing to provide quality experiences in the cities where the service is already available.

Hodge encourages users to give the company feedback. They are is listening. If you want Embark in your city let them know. His team is very responsive.

You can reach Embark via email at: [email protected] or on Twitter: @letsembark.

Price: Free 

Available for: Android and iOS.

Embark is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Apple's Maps. First, find a location where you want directions.

This screen will pop up. Make sure you select the bus toward the top right of the screen. That will ensure that you receive transit directions. Finally, tap route.

Maps knows that you're asking for transit directions. It will scan your phone to see which apps you have installed. I selected Embark.

I was automatically taken into the Embark app.

Exact directions were ready for me in an instant.

If you want to adjust the time, simply tap the clock in the top right corner. You can then toggle what time you wish to depart and the directions will update.

It's easy to view the entire transit map. Best of all, you can select a particular station and see what time the next train departs.

Alerts and Notifications are very handy.

You can add popular stations to a favourites list and even view on the map exactly where you are.

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