EMarketer Just Slashed Facebook's Revenue Estimates For The Year

ZuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg must rev up growth.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

eMarketer just cut its estimates for Facebook’s 2012 revenues from $6 billion to $5 billion.It made the $6 billion estimate in February, before Facebook went public and before it issued warnings that the shift to mobile was denting its revenues.

The new eMarketer projection is more closely in line with Wall Street analysts’ forecasts. The consensus, according to Bloomberg, for 2012 revenue is $4.92 billion.

Facebook’s revenue grew 88 per cent from 2010 to 2011. eMarketer’s new growth-rate forecast for 2012 is just 36 per cent, and 31 per cent in 2013.

eMarketer makes its estimates by aggregating a number of other data sources, which at the very least makes it a consistently middle-of-the-road forecast.

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