Emails Show How Arthur Sinodinos Advised AWH On A Lobbying Letter Drafted For John Howard

Arthur Sinodinos stood aside as assistant treasurer while he is part of an ICAC inquiry.

Arthur Sinodinos provided advice to a company later linked to corrupt Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid, seven months after leaving his position as then-prime minister John Howard’s chief of staff.

Emails released by the Independent Commission Against Corruption show Sinodinos — who yesterday stood down as assistant treasurer — was consulted on a letter to Howard advocating the sale of government-owned land at Badgerys Creek in western Sydney.

Sinodinos, according to the emails reported on by Fairfax, was approached by Paul Nicolaou, then chairman of the NSW Liberal Party’s main fund-raising arm, the Millennium Forum in 2007.

It was drafted by Nick Di Girolamo, who at the time was chief executive of Rouse Hill Infrastructure Corporation – later renamed Australian Water Holdings.

ICAC is investigating Australian Water Holdings’ attempts to secure government contracts. Sinodinos, after the advice on the letter, was appointed as director of the company.

While the emails were released, it is unclear whether the letter was sent, if Howard’s office replied, or if Sinodinos was paid for his advice.

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