This Email From Steve Jobs Proves How Easy He Was To Reach

steve jobsLate Apple CEO Steve Jobs

We were speaking to a web developer the other day who was complaining about how hard it is to reach the top executives at certain companies. 

The developer, Ankit Aggarwal, was having trouble with a hot young company that helps people book hotel rooms (more on that soon). His issue was worth thousands of dollars to him and the company cut him off, he said.  It stopped answering his emails, he said, and he couldn’t get to an executive at all.

“I understand that if I bought an iPad and had a problem, Steve Jobs wouldn’t come to my home to fix it. But [do top execs] really have to be so hard to reach? I’ve personally emailed Steve Jobs and literally and he was flawless. His office would reply in a matter of hours and sometimes he would reply himself.”

In fact, Aggarwal has an email from Steve Jobs prove it. (Notice the former CEO of Apple issued one of his famously terse replies.)

After this email exchange, Aggarwal got the chance to meet Jobs in person in 2008 too, when Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air, he told us.

From: Steve Jobs <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, August 9, 2007
Subject: iMac 24″ Feedback
To: Ankit Aggarwal <[email protected]>

Have you tried it?



On Aug 7, 2007, at 6:38 PM, Ankit Aggarwal wrote:


We are your business customer and so far since transition in 2002 was
best move ever we made with your OS X. But now as we have over 100’s
of Apples shining in our studio and keeping dirty windows away ;) We
are passionate and very excited about all Apple products best eg.
being in Canada I got my iPhone from US and using in Long Distance,
thats the level of craziness for Apple Products :)

But I would like to share one of my biggest concern, with todays
launch of new iMac, amazingly beautiful and will pick the moment its
on shelf here in Toronto. but the glossy screen for us creative guys
is major drawback as we see ourselves more rather than our FCS2 or
Adobe apps content and too much of reflection like my home studio on
waterfront in a luxury glass condo and day light is just gonna be on
top of it.

 I seriously recommend Apple to have the MATTE Screen option for this
as thats what we love in our apples most after the OS and everything

And I am very much interested in discussing this further with Apple
execs and share the feedback for the reason of not having a Matte
screen. And if apple has choosing to go with GLOSS there has to be a
reason for it. It maybe a good option for home users, but definately
not for the creative pros where mac has its majority.

I hope you understand my concerns about the issues here. I can be
reached at 647 223 9470 or 647 869 2345
Alternatively email [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you so much,

Ankit Aggarwal
CEO Founder
EnetStudioz, Inc.

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