A Student Called Wells Fargo Bankers ‘Boners’ In An Email — And It Got Back To Wells Fargo

Kids, this is why you shouldn’t slam anyone over e-mail.

A college student bashed Wells Fargo bankers calling them “doofuses” and “boners” in an email sent to some “bros” at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The student, who had met the BAML guys at a bar he calls “Fratty Kips,” then proceeded to tell the Bank of America guys that he’d like to work at their firm.

He presumably thought the email would remain confidential between the BAML guys. Of course, emails like this never remain private on Wall Street as history as shown us time and time again.

The email is still making the rounds on Wall Street.

To make matters worse, it made its way back to a senior Wells recruiter and the Wells Fargo banker who was at this student’s campus recruiting event.

We’ve included the email below and a few of the reactions from bankers at other firms.


The email made the rounds and even landed in the inbox of a senior campus recruiter at Wells Fargo.


It also made it back to one of the guys at the campus recruiting event.