Hollister Deleted This Photo Of An 'Emaciated' Model From Facebook And Twitter

Hollister removed a photo from its Facebook and Twitter pages after fans expressed outrage that she was too thin.

“Emaciated,” one fan commented, while another said “She’s too skinny — she needs professional help.”

The casual chain is a spin-off of teen retailer Abercrombie, which came under fire for refusing to make clothes for large women. The chain has since announced it will start offering plus sizes.

“Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is a core part of our brand and company culture. We think these are qualities that appeal to our customer base,” a company spokesman told Business Insider. “Because the photo may not have been consistent with this message, we have removed it.”

Here’s the photo:

The model is significantly thinner than others featured on the Facebook page.

The photo was also posted to the company’s Twitter page, garnering these responses:

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