We sat in a £25,000 chair that's designed to simulate weightlessness -- here's what we thought

Elysium is a chair that is designed to make its user feel weightlessness, simulating the effects of zero gravity.

Business Insider UK senior tech reporter Rob Price tried the chair out for himself. He said: “I have never sat in a chair like this before. This is a surreal experience. I’ve never had to learn how to use a chair before.”

The chair has several roller bearings that feel frictionless when reclining, simulating the effect of floating.

Elysium is controlled through the use of various hand gestures. Creator Dr David Wickett explains that: “This is a generally new experience. You do have to learn the subtle movements to control position. It would be exactly the same if you were in a real zero-gravity environment; you’d overcompensate, under compensate, and then you’d nail it”

Dr David Wickett also added that: “Any experience that people have can be elevated by having that experience in the chair. For the investment of £25,000, they can access a level of comfort unlike anything else for the rest of their life. And when you consider that, the price starts to make some sense.”

After trying the chair, our reporter described the chair as having a similar feeling as being in a “dentist chair”. He also added that: “Fundamentally though, its a rocking chair. It’s a high-end, extremely comfortable, precision engineered chair that retails for £25,000, but it’s a rocking chair”

Filmed and Produced by David Ibekwe. Special thanks to Rob Price

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