Elton John Loses Libel Case Against Rupert Murdoch’s ‘The Times’

The Times
The Times article in question by Elton John

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The libel case between the Murdoch-owned UK newspaper “The Times” and Elton John was decided today, with the UK High Court ruling in favour of the paper.John sued “The Times” over an article published Jun. 21, 2012 with the headline “Screen Play: how movie millions are moved offshore” which said a former accountant of the singer, Patrick McKenna, was one of two main providers of film investment schemes in the UK. 

However, John claimed he never heard of McKenna. Rather, the man simply worked at an accounting firm he once employed.

In response, “The Times” ran a correction on Jun. 22 clarifying McKenna and John were never involved in business together.

John claimed the correction was not noticeable enough to clear his name from the tax avoidance scheme mentioned.

Instead, the singer claimed the article had damaging effects on his reputation in the “sphere of charity fundraising.”

The UK High Court did not agree.

“The conclusion I have reached is that the words complained of are not capable of bearing the meaning attributed to them by the claimant or any other defamatory meaning,” Justice Michael Tugendhat said according to the “Guardian.”

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