Fancy Elopements Can Be Just As Expensive As The Real Thing

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Photo: Flickr / petyr.rahl

Couples on a budget are forgoing traditional weddings for blowout elopements with all the trimmings of traditional weddings, but none of the guests. But rather than saving money, eloping just for show—i.e. for the pictures you can later post online—can be just as extravagant as the real thing.

NYT’s Alex Williams describes elopements costing $10,000 to $100,000. For instance:

After a private ceremony, which was held next to a fireplace covered in hyacinths, (one) couple retreated to an outdoor ice rink just as the sun was setting. There, James Christianson, a prominent wedding photographer, snapped away as Ms. Carbone, wearing a 1920s-style ball gown and a vintage beaver wrap, circled the ice with her new husband, against a backdrop of snow-dusted mountain peaks. Afterward, they set off sparklers and posed some more for the camera. The photos ran on Ruffled, another popular wedding blog, a few months later.

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