Elon Musk: Teslas are not named like iPhones and any confusion is because 'I was a dumb idiot'

Elon Musk wants you to know that Tesla electric cars are not named like Apple’s iPhones.

Apple names its phones to let customers know which model is newest — the iPhone 7 is newer than the iPhone 6S which is newer than the iPhone 6, for example.

The Model 3 is not the sequel to the Model 1 or the Model 2. The Model 3 is Tesla’s lower-cost sedan that should start being delivered to customers later this year.

Tesla’s other cars are named the Model S and Model X. 


(However, Apple never released an “iPhone 2” or “iPhone 3.”) 

Why would Musk name one model after a number and other models after letters? Musk has a self-deprecating and funny reason:

Turns out, the Model 3 was supposed to be called the Model E, but Ford didn’t like that. That opened the door for Musk to make a funny, juvenile joke about Tesla’s entire naming convention:



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