NYT Reviewer Says Elon Musk Called Him To apologise Before Attacking Him On TV

Elon Musk on The Colbert Report

There’s a new wrinkle in the tiff that exploded yesterday between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and New York Times reporter John Broder over Broder’s negative review of the Model S.

Today in a new blog post for the Times, Broder writes that Musk called him to apologise for his bad experience with the car, and agreed that the charging stations needed to be closer together.

Broder had published a review on Sunday of the electric car describing how its charge was unable to last the full journey between Washington and New York, and that it seemed the car did not respond well to the harsh Northeastern climate.

In response, Musk went on CNBC to slam the review, calling it “fake” and saying that Broder had not begun his trip with a full charge, had taken detours and had sped in certain places.

But in the blog post published today Broder says the tone does not jibe with the earlier conversation he’d had with Musk: 

One final note. Mr. Musk called me on Friday, before the article went up on the Web, to offer sympathy and regrets about the outcome of my test drive. He said that the East Coast charging stations should be 140 miles apart, not 200 miles, to take into account the traffic and temperature extremes in this part of the country.

Read Broder’s full post on NYTimes.com >

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