Elon Musk has very strong feelings about turtlenecks -- and it has to do with Steve Jobs

Elon Musk. Getty Images.
  • Elon Musk hates being compared to Steve Jobs.
  • He was not happy when asked to wear Jobs’ trademark black turtleneck during a photoshoot.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Elon Musk to put on a turtleneck.

Rolling Stone learned this the hard way when the magazine asked Musk to don a turtleneck at a photo shoot. Writer Neil Strauss profiled Musk for the magazine’s December issue, covering everything from Musk’s love life to the launch of the Tesla Model 3.

Musk is startlingly honest throughout the profile and doesn’t hold back when discussing his feelings about turtlenecks, which are passionate, to say the least.

Here’s how Strauss explained it:

One of the misunderstandings that rankles Musk most is being pigeonholed and narrowcast, whether as the real-life Tony Stark or the second coming of Steve Jobs. When, at a photo shoot, he was asked to wear a black turtleneck, the trademark garb of Jobs, he bristled. “If I was dying and I had a turtleneck on,” he tells me, “with my last dying breath, I would take the turtleneck off and try to throw it as far away from my body as possible.”

The full Rolling Stone profile is worth reading.

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