Elon Musk just revealed his favourite new feature coming to Tesla cars

Tesla will roll out its biggest software update ever on Wednesday evening. 

The update, called Version 8.0, is expected to bring all kinds of new features to Tesla vehicles. Musk even said via that the latest software update is a “major overhaul on almost every level compared to V7.” 

The company still hasn’t shared many specific details about what exact changes, beyond Autopilot improvements, will come with the update. But Musk did take to Twitter Wednesday to share his favourite new feature coming to Tesla cars with Version 8.0.

Musk said that the latest software update will include a feature that lets the owner set a max temperature for inside the vehicle, so that kids and pets never get overheated. 

Musk said that Tesla keeps the temperature below 105 degrees Fahrenheit by automatically venting the cabin and activating the air conditioner when necessary. 

He said that when Version 8.1 rolls out Tesla will enable always-on minimum and maximum temperatures. 

Tesla plans to roll out the software update gradually so that the company can ensure that there aren’t any “small regressions.” So if you don’t get a heap of new features in your Tesla tonight, be patient. You’ll get your super automated climate control soon enough. 

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