Elon Musk reportedly ran his secretive LA private school out of the SpaceX office in the very beginning

  • Elon Musk formed Ad Astra School in 2015 after he became dissatisfied with schooling options for his kids.
  • He’s remained tight-lipped about the school.
  • A former SpaceX employee said Musk ran the school out of the company office in the beginning.

Elon Musk’s secretive Ad Astra School formed in 2015. Since then, the SpaceX CEO has remained tight-lipped on details about the school.

But SpaceX-ers might have actually been privy to the founding months of the school, SpaceX employee Josh Boehm told Business Insider.

“I went into one of the meeting rooms and I saw all of these history notes and maths stuff and things you wouldn’t expect to be on the white board,” Boehm, now cofounder and COO of Cyph, said. “He was having one of his Ad Astra meetings in there with his kids,” and some other of the children of SpaceX, Boehm, who worked at SpaceX from 2013 to 2016, said.

Musk would block off meeting rooms for some of the lessons, according to Boehm, who said that the only exposure he ever got to the actual lessons was going into meeting rooms after they left and finding some of the classroom notes. SpaceX didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Musk formed Ad Astra – which means “to the stars” in Latin – after becoming dissatisfied with the schooling options available for his children.

Since its formation, details have been scant, except for one interview he gave toBeijing Television in 2015 where he spoke about the school.

“There aren’t any grades,” Musk said, explaining that instead of treating school like an assembly line “it makes more sense to cater the education to match their aptitudes and abilities.”

If you’re a former SpaceX employee or have information about Ad Astra School email [email protected]

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