Elon Musk keeps a sleeping bag next to Tesla’s production line so that he can personally inspect vehicles

Elon Musk is going to great lengths to make sure that the quality of Tesla’s vehicles is up to his standards.

During a first quarter conference call on Wednesday, Musk said that he is personally inspecting vehicles as they come off the production line.

“My desk is at the end of the production line,” Musk said during the call. “I have a sleeping bag in a conference room next to the manufacturing production line that I use quite frequently.”

Musk’s comments come at a time when the company has come under fire for production issues with the Model X.

The company experienced major delays getting its Model X into production. And once it finally did begin delivering the vehicle, there were some quality issues with the high-tech car.

For starters, the company had to recall Model X vehicles with a third row of seats for safety reasons and some customers have also reported issues related to the Falcon Wing doors.

When asked by an analyst what specific productions issues were keeping Musk constantly on the factory floor, Musk cleverly responded that this behaviour was nothing abnormal.

“My desk has frequently been in the factory,” Musk said. “I move my desk around to wherever the most important place is in the company at that time …I suspect probably by the end of this quarter most of my time will not be spent on the factory floor.”

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