Elon Musk: Tesla's semi-truck can be driven around 'like a sports car'

Tesla electric semi truck teaserScreenshot/ TED Talk 2017Elon Musk teased an image of Tesla’s semi-truck during his TED Talk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s semi-truck will be able to outperform diesel trucks on the road today during his TED Talk on Friday.

Musk, who revealed a teaser image of the electric semi for the very first time, said he has taken a prototype for a spin in Tesla’s parking lot.

“This will be a very spry truck. You can drive this around like a sports car,” he said.

The company will reveal the electric, semi-truck in September. Tesla is also building an electric pick-up truck that will be unveiled in 18 to 24 months.

Musk said Tesla is looking to prove than an electric truck can outperform a diesel truck when it comes to range and torque even with the added weight of a battery.

“With the Tesla semi we want to show that an electric truck can out torque any diesel semi,” he said.

Musk first announced the semitruck project in his “Master Plan, Part Deux,” released last July. Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s vice president of programs, is leading the company’s semitruck product.

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