Here's The Epic Road Trip Elon Musk Is Planning Through Tesla's Supercharger Corridor

During an announcement that Tesla Motors will immediately and dramatically increase its network of Supercharger stations around the country, CEO Elon Musk said that he plans to take a road trip across the country in a Model S, recharging along the way.

Because the Model S seats seven, he is taking his five young sons with him.

The family will start in Los Angeles and arrive in New York, with stops in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass, the Four Corners, Wyoming, Mount Rushmore, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

“It might end up being like some Chevy Chase movie,” Musk joked.

Musk says the itinerary will recreate a road trip he took in college, but it also follows the corridor of Superchargers very closely: At every point he named, a station will be within range.

Here’s the state of the Supercharger network Tesla says will be in place by the end of 2013, with Musk’s proposed route superimposed on it:

elon musk road trip supercharger plan

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