ELON MUSK: In two years your car will be able to drive from New York to LA and find you

Tesla Model S owners woke up this weekend with some new tricks up their sleeves.

The Elon Musk-run automaker released it latest software — version 7.1 — in an over-the-air update on Saturday.

This update features several major changes to the company’s Autopilot system.

The most significant addition is the beta version of the “summon” feature which allows the cars to enter or exit parking spots or garages without the driver in the car.

“You can summon the car from your key fob or phone through a pull down menu, it will open the garage door, back out of the garage, close the garage door and come to you,” Musk said on a call with the press.

Right now, the summon feature is still in experimental beta version, but Musk expects the system to become much more advanced over the next few years.

“In two years you’ll be able to summon your car from across the country,” Musk said. “If your car is in New York and you are in Los Angeles, it will find its way to you.”

Along the way, Musk says the car will even be able to charge itself.

In fact, the Tesla CEO believes autonomous driving will be technologically ready within the next 24 to 36 months.

“I don’t believe I’m being too optimistic,” he added.

As for the current beta summon feature, it’s still fairly limited in what it can do. Musk referred to the current iteration as more of a remotely operated function than an autonomous one.

The current version of the summon feature requires the driver to be no further than 33 feet from the car as well as “continually monitor and maintain control of the car” when using the feature. In addition, Tesla requires that the driver only use it on private property with flat topography.

In addition, update 7.1 will allow the Tesla to self park both parallel and perpendicular to the curb.;

This update also includes includes new restrictions on Autopilot’s Autosteer function on residential roads or roads without a center divider. On these roads, Autosteer will be limited to the posted speed limit plus 5 MPH;or 10 KPH.

Musk referred this new restriction as “reasonable” for the safe operation of the car.

Another safety featured added in this updated is the curve-speed adaptation function which gives the car the ability to scan the curve in the road ahead while in Autopilot and automatically adjust the speed based that information.

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