ELON MUSK: 'I Guess We Were Pretty Dumb To Agree To An Article By This Guy'

elon musk

Photo: Noah Berger/Reuters

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is feuding with The New York Times.The publication ran a review of the company’s Model S sedan that claimed the car’s battery life didn’t last the length of his trip from Washington D.C. to New York, even though he did everything that Tesla advised to do.

Musk hit back, calling Times reporter John Broder’s claims “fake.” 

One of Musk’s followers referred him to one of Broder’s stories from March 2012 in which he downplayed the future of the electric car.

That riled Musk up even more.

Broder’s article thrashed electric cars pretty badly.

“…the state of the electric car is dismal, the victim of hyped expectations, technological flops, high costs and a hostile political climate,” wrote Broder.

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