Tesla Is Planning ANOTHER Big Announcement For Tomorrow

Elon Musk of Tesla, SpaceX

Tesla Motors will announce news tomorrow that will “up the ante” and “fix some mistakes,” CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter today.

It will be the third time in a month the electric car company comes out with some kind of news.

In early April, Musk announced a new financing scheme that is a hybrid of owning and leasing a Tesla Model S, and uses some questionable maths.

Later in the month, he unveiled several changes to Tesla’s service and warranty programs.

Asked on Twitter if tomorrow’s news would be about Tesla’s supercharger network, Musk replied: “This is about getting a prior announcement right.”

Given the widespread criticism of the financing scheme — which Tesla promised would allow customers to have a new Model S for just $500 per month — it could well be the source of the “mistake” Musk plans to correct.

The changes to the service program seem to live up to Tesla’s hype.

The lease-buy program was supposed to be “revolutionary,” and make the Model S much more affordable. That’s a big deal, since Tesla has struggled to lower its prices, despite promises to do so.

We’ll find out how the program could be altered to live up to that promise tomorrow.

Here’s Musk’s tweet:

On an unrelated note, Musk recently changed his Twitter profile photo to one of him holding a violin, with the caption, “I have no idea how to play the violin.”

Elon Musk via Twitter

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