Elon Musk showed up to a beach party with Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom wearing a suit

Heiko Junge/AFP/Getty Images

Elon Musk may be a genius and a billionaire, but his beach party attire could use some work.

In the July 7 episode of Vanity Fair’s “In the Limelight” podcast, entertainment writers Josh Duboff and Julie Miller detailed a star-studded beach party they attended in Malibu the weekend before July 4.

Among the celebrity guests were Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, and Elon Musk — in a suit.

In the podcast, Duboff and Miller describe the party as being full of “chill bohemian girls” with a DJ spinning records on top of an American flag. Most people there were under the age of 22, Duboff and Miller estimated. Shots were being handed out and “everyone was vaping.”

Partway through the party, Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom showed up with Musk in tow.

“Then we also see Elon Musk, which is not the person we were expecting to see,” Miller said. “But if everyone else is very casually dressed, Elon is in a full suit.”

According to Miller and Duboff, Musk, DiCaprio, and Bloom quickly headed into the house and no one else was allowed in. Shortly after, approximately 10 pizzas arrived but were not shared with the guests at the party.

Duboff described Musk as being in a “whole different headspace” than Bloom and DiCaprio (who were dressed in t-shirts and baseball caps), but said that he seemed “in the crew.”

DiCaprio is famous for being the ringleader of a group of male friends like Tobey McGuire and Kevin Connolly who were known by a profane name for their penchant for partying and hooking up in Hollywood. And Musk doesn’t shy away from the limelight: He married and divorced British actress Talulah Riley twice and has recently started dating actress Amber Heard.

Later on in the party, DiCaprio and Bloom left the house without Musk — and took the pizzas with them.

“I feel like they did not tell Elon they were leaving,” Miller said. “Like, Elon might still be at that house wondering, ‘Hey are they coming back?’ Elon, if you’re listening, you can leave that house.”

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