A Day In The Life Of Elon Musk, The Most Inspiring Entrepreneur In The World

Elon Musk at desk

Photo: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the most inspiring entrepreneur in the world right now.He is running two world changing companies: Electric car maker Tesla, and private space exploration company SpaceX. He’s also chairman of SolarCity, a company that does solar panels for homes.

We asked Musk if he’d give us an inside look at his daily operations. He obliged, and his assistant sent along these photos from Thursday July 12. He was at SpaceX, which is based in the LA-area.

Musk splits his time between his two companies. He’s at SpaceX’s LA-based headquarters on Monday and Thursday, then he heads to Tesla (in the Bay Area) on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday he splits time between both. Tesla Design has offices in the same office park as SpaceX.

If you’re unfamiliar with Musk, he became wealthy when eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion. Unlike other PayPal executives who got rich from that deal, he veered away from web-based companies.

He poured the money he made from the acquisition into his own companies. Four years ago, Tesla was down to its last dollar. Musk put his own cash into Tesla, and almost went broke because of it. He could have very easily thrown in the towel. Instead he bet on the company, and himself. It paid off. Tesla is a public company with $3.21 billion market cap. Its newest car, the Model S is a critical hit.

As for his other company, SpaceX, it just launched a rocket into space.

That’s why we consider him to be the most inspiring entrepreneur going. He’s tackling huge problems, and taking big personal risk to do so. 

Here’s a look at how he spends his days managing two world changing companies.

Here's a morning photo from his LA-area home, taken between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. (Nice view!)

He heads to SpaceX's office in his Model S.

10 AM, making morning phone calls. Today he's talking to Katherine Nelson, VP of Comms and Marketing at SpaceX. Normally, morning calls are to journalists, job candidates, or conference calls about SpaceX or Tesla.

At 10:45, Musk has a meeting to discuss the Falcon 9 vehicle with his engineering team. His assistant tells us, this is a weekly status review of the vehicle and launch operations associated with SpaceX's upcoming manifest (structures, propulsion, production, launch operations, avionics and program management engineers are all represented in that group).

As a reminder, this is the Falcon9. It's not a toy, so these meetings are important.

At 12:30, it's a propulsion schedule meeting, which encompasses engine production and development of multiple engines currently being tested for flight.

Lunch time! Elon had chicken, vegetables and a salad. Normally, he gets take out from restaurants in the area. At this lunch meeting he's talking with facilities people about current building operations, improvements, and upcoming space requirements.

Elon strolls through SpaceX's engineering group on his way to the rocket factory.

Musk walks the factory floor every day he's at SpaceX. At 4:30 on this day, he was walking through the rocket factory.

This night, he was being interviewed by Sarah Lacy from PandoDaily. At 7 PM, he waits in the wings to be introduced.

If you missed it, here's a highlight from the interview. Musk talks about crashing a $3 million car.

Musk ends his day with a screening for Baseball in the Time of Cholera at WME in Beverly Hills. He's an executive producer of the film. From left to right: Josh Pence, Justin Chatwin, David Darg, Bryn Mooser, Elon Musk, Rainn Wilson, Dawn Olivieri, Megalyn Echikunwoke. This movie is about cholera epidemic raging in Haiti.

That's it for Musk's day! For more on SpaceX, check out ...

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